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Advanced Techniques in C and C++ - 2 days


To be fully competent with advanced techniques in C and C++, by knowing the power of the language, where to use advanced features, how to incorporate these into large, real life examples, and see how some of these techniques are used in advanced real life situations.

Note this course covers Advanced C, and advanced aspects of C that are shared with C++. It does not cover C++ specific topics. See our Object Oriented programming with C++ (C++ for C programmers) and Advanced Object Oriented programming with C++ courses for those topics.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at programmers familiar with programming in C or C++, who want to learn the full power of the language. This course is not specific to any hardware or operating platform.


Good working knowledge of any C or C++, including thorough knowledge of functions and structures.


Part 1 - The power of the language

Quick summary
Recap on pointers
Pointer and array notation
Double indirection
void pointers
Ragged arrays
Command line arguments
Accessing the environment
Variable numbers of arguments
Pointers to Functions
qsort, bsearch
Dynamic memory
Advanced data structures
Linked lists
Binary trees
Balanced Binary trees
Pointers & Memory models

Part 2 - Management issues

Large-scale design
Large-scale program development
Creating libraries, etc
Design, useability etc

Also available

Introduction to C/C++
Intermediate C/C++
Object Oriented programming with C++ (C++ for C programmers)
Advanced Object Oriented programming with C++

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