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Using Perl for CGI programming (web site back-end) - 1 day


This course covers the basics for using Perl to run the back-end of a website (CGI programming).

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at Perl programmers who want to program websites, to create dynamic pages learn the Perl language and environment. Experience with Perl is not necessary.


Perl programming to the level of our Introduction to Perl course.
For programming website backends that use databases and SQL, you would also want information covered in our Intermediate Perl course.
Knowledge of HTML is useful. See our Introduction to HTML and Advanced HTML courses.


Processing CGI

How it all fits together
Setting up a webserver
Dealing with an ISP
Using FTP

Basic forms

Basic forms on an HTML page
Accessing a form's data
Using CGI.pm

Some CGI/Perl applications

Sophisticated form processing
A clock
Feedback forms
A guestbook

More advanced applications

Managing a web transaction's state using cookies, hidden fields, coded URLs and other techniques
Dealing with server to server transactions
Approaches to accepting credit card payments

Also available

Introduction to Perl - 2 days

Intermediate Perl - 3 days

Advanced Perl - 2 days

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