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Intermediate Perl - 3 days


This course covers some more features of the Perl programming language.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at Perl programmers who want to get more out of the language, avoid its pitfalls and traps and use some more of its features.


Recent experience with Perl as covered in our Introduction to Perl course is required.


Intermediate Perl

Review of the basics
Complex data structures
Multi- dimension arrays
Hashes of hashes

The Perl system

The Perl debugger
POD - the Perl documenter

Regular expressions in detail

Creating packages

Creating a simple package
Creating a module

Using Perl with databases

Working with a flat file
Storing data with Storable
Creating streamable data with freeze and thaw
Using DBD, DBI and SQL

Environmental variables

Accessing the command line arguments
Accessing command line switches
Environment variables

An introduction to Perl/Tk

Adding widgets
Geometry management
Binding events
Working with multiple windows
Creating a menu
Creating a dialog box

An introduction to Networking with Perl

How to access the World Wide Web from Perl
How to pass data using basic sockets

Also available

Introduction to Perl

Advanced Perl

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