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Perl Introduction - 2 days


This course covers the basic syntax and process of writing Perl scripts for programmers who are familiar with programming in another language.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at programmers who want to learn the Perl language and environment. Experience with Perl is not necessary.


As the course contains many hands-on exercises, recent, practical experience with another programming language, such as Pascal, C or C++ is required. Understanding of programming terms such as variable, array, test, loop, subroutine is necessary.

For those without formal programming experience, our Introduction to Programming should be taken.


Perl basics


What is Perl?
A brief history
Setting up the interpreter on Unix & Windows
Understanding Perl doc
Perl vs Unix scripts vs Awk vs C

The basics

Creating a program
Basic syntax
User input

Moving on

Decision structures

Perl and administration

Using Perl for administrative tasks

Working with files
Working with directories
Working with processes

Also available

Introduction to Programming

Perl and CGI (website backend programming) - 1 day

Intermediate Perl - 3 days

Advanced Perl - 3 days

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