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Introduction to Ruby for proficient Perl and Python programmers - 1 day

(Can also be done as a 2-day course for those with lesser or other programming experience)


This course covers the basic syntax and process of writing Ruby programs, for Perl and Python programmers.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at programmers who want to learn Ruby. This is specifically for programmers who have competence with Perl or Python.
Experience with Ruby is not necessary.


Recent, practical, hands-on experience with Perl or Python, at least to the level of our Introduction courses, is required. This is because the syntax of Ruby is in many ways similar to those languages, and is a dynamic, interpreted language like them.


The basics

Overview, background and installing
Interactive Ruby
A simple Ruby program
Basic syntax
Working with strings
Getting input and creating output
Control flow
Summary of syntax differences

Moving on

Shorthand operators
Arrays and Hashes
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Declaring and using functions
Global variables
The standard library
Modules and namespaces
Creating your own classes
Understanding exceptions
Blocks, closures
The joy of dynamic programming
Summary of extra differences

The Ruby System

Debugging code
Ruby style and best practice
Ruby documentation
Summary of system differences

Working with files

Reading and writing files
Working with directories
Working with processes
Summary of file handling differences

Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Downloading and installing Rails
Creating a simple application
Editing the pages
Creating a database connection

Also available

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Introduction to Python (2 days)

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