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Intermediate Unix (Unix Shell Scripting) - 2 days


This course is for those who want to write Unix shell scripts, use more advanced Unix utilities and manipulate the contents of files with Unix.
It is also applicable to Linux, Solaris and other Unix variants.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

These skills will allow you to edit files, find data within files, manipulate the contents of files and automate procedures.


For people with Unix command line experience, who need to perform the above tasks.


Experience with the basics of the Unix operating system is required, up to the level of our Introduction to Unix course.
No experience with shell scripting is required.
No programming experience is necessary, although the Introduction to Programming course would be beneficial to those with no programming background.


Also available

Introduction to Unix (1 day)
Introduction to Programming (1 day)
Introduction to Perl (2 days)

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