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XML overview - 1 day


This course gives a general overview of XML technologies. It is suitable for those wanting a general idea of the use of XML, for those using XML files, and for programmers that will be working with XML files (actual program codes used are covered in the Programming with XML course, for which this course is a pre-requisite).

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at people who want an overview of XML.


Use of a computer. Knowledge of HTML is useful but not essential. No experience with XML is assumed. No experience of programming is needed.


Introduction to XML
Pros & Cons
What XML is
What XML isn't
XML Element basics
The XML declaration
Processing instructions
Tags, Comments, Attributes
Well-formed and valid

Document Type Definitions - DTD
XML Schema

Cascading Style Sheets - CSS
XSL Formatting objects

Transformations with XSLT

Web services and SOAP

Also available

Programming with XML

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