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Python Intermediate - 3 days


This course covers Intermediate-level Python techniques.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at Python programmers who want to get more out of the language, avoid its pitfalls and traps and use more of its features.


Recent experience with Python as covered in our Introduction to Python course is required.



Review of the basics
Development environments and IDEs

Intermediate Python

Complex data structures
Shallow and deep copying
Bit operations
Working with Unicode
More on loops and tests
Lambda expressions
List comprehensions

Working with text

Working with plain strings
Regular expressions in detail

Intermediate Object-oriented techniques

Review of the basics
Multiple inheritance
Overloaded operators
Exception handling

Using Python with databases

Working with flat files
Object persistence with pickle, json and shelve
Using a database manager
Using SQL databases

The environment

Accessing the command line arguments
Environment variables
Working with date and time

An introduction to Tk

Adding widgets
Geometry management
Creating a menu
Displaying a message box

Also available

Introduction to Python (2 days)
Advanced Python (3 days)
Scientific and Mathematical programming in Python (2 days)

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