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Plus Plus Pty Ltd is proudly an ActiveState training partner
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Introduction to programming

C / C++ courses

Object Oriented Programming courses

Combined C / C++ Object Oriented Programming courses

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Tailored courses

For an in-house course at your company, we are happy to create a specific tailored course to meet your team's specific background and needs.

Spreadsheets Excel (all , s), including VBA macros
We are specialists at Advanced Excel. We've been using Excel since , 1.0!


Introduction to SQL 1 day



Operating Systems MS Windows (user level)
Windows PowerShell - 1 day
Introduction to UNIX (user level) - 1 day
Intermediate UNIX - Shell Scripting - 2 days

To book a course or contact us for more details, or if you have a need for a course that is not listed here. We make every effort to help.

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