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Quotes from course participants

"An excellent, engaging course. Thanks very much Peter."

"This is one of the best courses I have done. Peter certainly knows his stuff and how to communicate it."

"Very happy with content covered."

(Peter was) "Very knowledgeable and helpful. Lots of personality too - kept the course interesting."

"A great course that helped my understanding of both Java and programming in general."

"Great course."

"Good lot of examples and exercises."

"Very good; could not have had a better intro."

"Easy to follow. Everything in logical order."

(Peter) "Knew everything, answered all questions."

"Well paced presentation."

(Peter was) "Easy to approach."

(Peter's) "Enthusiastic nature helped a lot."

"Thanks for a great course."

"Very good best paced course I have done. Wish I was doing the other courses."

"Peter is awesome! Great trainer."

"Peter was very knowledgeable, kept the pace at a good level and delivered a great course. He's a very good instructor."

"Great course. Would be nice to do some more next year."


Reference 1 - From SNRDO (28Kb)

Reference 2 - Siemens Plessy (46Kb)

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