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C/C++ Introduction - 2 or 3 days (depending on participant's background and needs)


This course covers the basic syntax and process of writing C or C++ programs for programmers who are familiar with programming in another language.

Expected outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:


This course is aimed at programmers who want to learn the C or C++ language. Experience with C or C++ is not necessary.

This is a generic ANSI C course, useful to programmers on any hardware platform, operating system or compiler.

It is also for programmers of another language who want to learn C++. It does not cover the object-oriented aspects of C++. Competent C programmers that want to learn Object-oriented techniques and other extra syntax of C++ are referred to the "Object-oriented programming in C++" course.


Familiarity and experience with another programming language, such as COBOL, Pascal, BASIC or strong familiarity with dBase programming or Lotus macro programming is required. Understanding of programming terms such as variable, array, test, loop, subroutine and compiling and linking is necessary.


History of C/C++
Using the environment
The minimal C/C++ program
The improved Hello world
Input and Output
Some more basics
Basic looping
Arithmetic operators
Character class & con,
Shorthand operators
More exercises
Decision structures
Final exercise

Also available

Intermediate C/C++
Advanced techniques in C/C++
Object Oriented programming with C++ (C++ for C programmers)
Advanced Object Oriented programming with C++

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